We are Not Bad

Actually, we’re good. And humble too.
Relatively humble, of course.


Who are we?

We’re a team of young (enough) innovators with many years of experience in toy production (video games), astrology (stock market) and adult entertainment (online gambling) industries.

We’ve been lucky enough to be involved in developing many famous franchises and award winning products - that experience and knowledge guides us today when doing things of our own.

Not bad, eh?


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Our Benefits

Not bad colleagues

Great colleagues, actually. Not only as professionals, but as people too. There have been no fist fights in the office even. Yet.

Not bad office

Electrically adjustable desks, ergonomic office chairs, good coffee and soft toilet paper conveniently placed inside a modern office building.

Sport compensations

Did we already mention that massage, bowling and shooting gallery are considered being sports in our minds?

Attractive salary

Because “competitive salary” means nothing. We all compete on different levels, but your particular level will be compensated fairly.

Our Location

Valukoja 8/2, 11415 Tallinn

This is the largest Smart City in the Baltic's and the biggest privately owned business campus in Northern Europe. Almost like Silicon Valley, but with much worse weather.

Find us on Google Maps.

Our Brands

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Coming sooner
Coming really soon

Our Goals

We believe that the online gambling industry today is noticeably behind other entertainment industries, especially when it comes to pleasant user experience, solid branding and interesting gamification elements. We want to improve that. All of that.

We also believe that the importance of responsible gambling and the value of customer relationship can never be overestimated, that’s why we put our customers above everything we do.

And we do it all on the 7th floor. Which is a lucky number. Coincidence?



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